Microsoft to announce new Xbox 720 in April

New Xbox Announcement?

Chris said it best when he reacted to PS4’s announcement with a resounding “meh.” All the features are okay, but here’s my question: as gamers, do we care about all that Vita connectivity BS, or do we just want intuitive features that matter? Sure, the touch interface on the controller seems neat, I guess, but I’m more excited about the installed audio jack so I can listen to the game with headphones. Does that say more about my simplistic taste, or the industry?

Shiny. And fake.
Shiny. And fake.

But I digress. Reports are surfacing that the Xbox 720 (or whatever they decide to call it) will be announced in April, following on the heels of the PS4 and clearly looking to steal away some of its monumental bore factor momentum.


Honestly, I’m looking forward to the next Xbox more than the PS4. I’ve always leaned more towards Microsoft’s machine, and regardless of what the numbers say, I feel that Microsoft came out on top over Sony this generation. At the same time, I’ll be expecting a little more to get excited about than in Sony’s announcement. Here’s a list, and the order of the list that it’s in:

  • Confirmation that there will be no action against used games.
  • A controller that, other than higher quality and durability, is identical to this generation’s (and an audio port, plz)
  • Next gen sequels to my favorite franchises (take a page from Nintendo’s book)
  • New IPs that will continue to push creative boundaries.
  • Increased functionality; I love streaming Netflix and Hulu, and it would be great to broaden that scope. If the Xbox 720 could do something like integrate DVR technology, I’d pick it up in a heartbeat.
  • No reliance on online connection. A good part of the county is not there yet. Hell, even our decent connection hiccups. I’d love for my games not to crash every time that happens.
  • Less emphasis on Kinect. It’s fine for its niche fans and novel for navigating the menu, but I don’t think motion-based gaming crippled by latency is the future of the industry.
  • Keep advancing Xbox Live. It’s your best service, and head’s and shoulders above the competition.
  • I understand that we’re not going to continue to see the same significant leap in graphics every generation. That’s fine. Compensate, however, by adding more richness and magnitude to the worlds, or decreasing load times. Justify the decision to start the next generation now.

I’m probably forgetting something. Let me know what you want from the next generation of Xbox in the comments below.

One thought on “Microsoft to announce new Xbox 720 in April

  1. I’ve always loved more PS for its exclusives but it seemed multiplatform games run better on the xbox. It would be definitely an interesting announcement.

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