The Hunt for Ahsoka Tano; and Star Wars 1313.

Hey everyone! Just a quick little update this week on one of my favorite shows. For those of you who don’t follow The Clone Wars regularly, you’ve certainly been missing out! The show’s latest 4-part story arc, ending next week, is proving to be one of the most thrilling and suspenseful we’ve seen yet. Why is that? Because it may very well decide the fate of Anakin Skywalkers Padawan, Ahsoka Tano.


For those of you that have never watched the show, Ahsoka Tano was introduced during The Clone Wars movie and has quickly become something of a favorite of both mine and many others. Being the brash young woman that she is, she has even become something of a symbol of how far modern television shows have come, as (much like in Avatar or Korra) The Clone Wars isn’t afraid to put a female main character at the head of more then one story arc.

Of course the ultimate question that all of us fans want answered is, “What happens to her?” Our favorite young Padawan is strangely absent from Episode 3 (and by “strangely” I mean that she hadn’t been created yet) so her fate at the end of The Clone Wars is quite a mystery. Does she end up dead? Locked away somewhere? On the run is the less savory parts of the Galaxy? The possibilities are endless.

This latest arc for The Clone Wars though, has only further added to the possibilities of her future.

[WARNING: SPOILERS for those who haven’t watched the latest episodes! You can find the first part of this story arc online here. Go ahead and watch all three parts, I’ll be right here waiting for you…]

While the first episode seemed rather mundane, or at least as mundane as a murder mystery in the Jedi Temple could be, it was to see exactly where this story arc was going. Clearly their was more to the murder then we were first led to believe, but I’d never have guessed the plot was going to thicken quite so quickly!


I mean, by episode two we’ve already got people being force choked through walls and clone troopers being cut down by some nameless foe. Only to then have an Anakin led hunting party chase Ahsoka in what has to be one of the most awesome chase scenes in Star Wars to date…


Only to end with Ahsoka standing at the edge of pipe, ALA The Fugitive, with Anakin pleading for her to return to the Jedi Order.

ep18Ahsoka’s reply? “I know you [trust me]. Wish me luck…” as she leaps out and into the depths of Coruscant with the hope of finding a way to clear her name.


And speaking of the”depths of Coruscant”, I’d be remiss not to mention the upcoming Star Wars 1313 game which takes place on level 1313 of Coruscant. Apparently the teams from both the show and the game worked together a little bit to help unify the ideas behind what the seedy underbelly of Coruscant looks like. Their collaboration shows, and I have to say that it’s really nice to see this sort of tans-media collaboration at work over at Lucasfilm. As it really helps to create a single, and unified version of the Star Wars Universe for us fans to love.

A scene from the episode “To Catch a Jedi”.Star-Wars-1313-Concept-Art-2Concept art from Star Wars 1313

Of course, once Ahsoka reaches level 1313, things don’t really go the way she’d planned. And after evading police capture she is eventually apprehended by yet another fan favorite, Asajj Ventress. Where as Ventress used to be little more then a simple “attack the heroes” character that would show up from time to time to fight the main characters when they needed a bad guy. Her “fall from grace” from being Count Dooku’s apprentice has lead her down a path that has turned her from being a very one dimensional character, to perhaps one of the most complex in the series. Seeing her pop up and lend a tentative hand to our favorite Padawan was a great move for her character. And it’ll be interesting to see if she pops up in this arcs finale, for good or ill. Also, lets take a moment to appreciate just how awesome that mask of hers is…


Anyway, one thing eventually leads to another and Ahsoka is attacked by someone pretending to be Ventress. Although I think it’s safe to say who is behind all of this, I’m still interested to see how it all plays out. Because one way or another, Ahsoka is going to come out of this with some scars… and probably not just of the physical kind.


So what do you guys think will happen to Ahsoka at the end of this arc? What about by the end of the series? Do you think her introduction to both the world of level 1313 and Ventress could have an impact on her character’s eventual fate? How much of this story arc do you think could cross over/influence the upcoming game? So many questions… so little time. One thing is for sure though, with amazing new content like this and a new trilogy on the way, it’s never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan!

4 thoughts on “The Hunt for Ahsoka Tano; and Star Wars 1313.

  1. Okay, I stopped reading to avoid the spoilers, but this has inspired me to watch the show! I like watching cartoons, etc, on weekend mornings, and I’ve been wondering what to pick up after I finish Young Justice… so this is just what I needed to make my decision. =)

    1. Fair warning for those looking to pick up the show from season one. Much like Avatar and a number of other shows, The Clone Wars kinda gets off to a bumpy start. It takes them a while to find their footing but as the show goes on, and the animators/writers/voice actors start getting into the grove of things the show REALLY picks up in quality.

      That isn’t to say that season one is a complete loss or anything! Because that’s certainly not true. In fact some of the series best episodes (IMO) are in season one, with “Hostage Crisis” having a special place in my heart. Just like any good show though, you have to give the series a chance to find its footing before it really pays off.

  2. I had to stop reading for spoilers too, since I’ve fallen so far behind with this series. But just like Ashley, this reminded me that I need to finish it. It’s definitely true that TV shows are changing with stuff like Avatar, Korra, and Clone Wars. You just never saw strong female leads in anything until recently. I’m rather happy about it though. Girl power! 😉 I’ll have to come back to read your musings when I get caught up. =)

    1. There have been some hit or miss arcs in season 5, depending on your taste in story. But the show as a whole has continued to increase in quality from arc to arc; leading to some genuinely beautiful and thrilling scenes come the last bit of season 5 here.

      Star Wars fans will argue endlessly about any number of things that no one really care about. But one thing they can’t argue with, would be that the show has only gotten better as time’s gone on.

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