Greenhouse, with a side of Calla Lillies Part 3

nickWow, what a weekend. Three days; I happen to be one of those state-employed guys who is lucky enough to be given Presidents’ Day off. Little victory count: 1.

… except, ever have one of those weekends where you’re working on so many things that it is non-stop from morning to night, so much work that you wish you had one more day of a weekend, and lo-and-behold you DO have one more day, so you fill that day with work and STILL have more to do?

It was self-inflicted, really. On Friday, my dad took me to AZ Bag company so I could purchase some UV resistant greenhouse plastic. I’ve never felt more stupid – the dimensions of the roll are 20’x100′ and I never thought about whether or not it would fit in my Dad’s Ford Explorer, which as we discovered later can only fit long, narrow objects that are no longer than 10′ at best. Luckily, the plastic was folded over twice before being rolled, and was stored in a roughly 8′ box. Little victory count: 2.

I found some great plans for a PVC structure greenhouse. There are various things I like about these plans. First, the structure is about 6′ tall, and would be considered a “temporary structure” by my HOA’s definitions, therefore I don’t need to send plans for review and acceptance, nor does it have to adhere to regulations for temporary structures over 8′. Additionally, while the design is for a roughly 12’x12′ area, there is no reason why I couldn’t make it longer in the future when I want to introduce a pond or tank with tilapia. Third, PVC makes for a fairly cheap structure that even if parts were to break, it is really easy and cheap to fix. Little victory count: 3.

So I decide to go to Home Depot to pick up all the parts I need to construct this beast (yes, it did turn into a beast. Also self-inflicted.). Unfortunately, I just could not find any local stores that sold PVC fittings designed for making structures (the notorious one is the “slip tee” which is different from a plumbing “slip tee” in that it will slide completely over a pipe, instead of just an inch or so). I could order the proper part online, but i really wanted to have the greenhouse built this weekend so I could reclaim my office by putting the calla lilies outside. So, I borrowed my dad’s dremel tool with some sanding bits and I was able to fake it. Little victory count: I’m not counting this one because it probably spewed a ton of harmful gas from sanding the stuff down.

Despite my hard work and intentions, I just could not finish it in the weekend. Maybe if there wasn’t so much else to do. I the meantime, this is my work so far:


Work left to do: paint the PVC with latex paint and cover the structure with the aforementioned greenhouse plastic. Clear out the grass and replace it with rock, but that can wait. Move the below flowers out of my office into the greenhouse:


As you can tell, the flowers are growing wonderfully but they are growing towards the only source of sunlight: the nearby unscreened window. Hence the urgency of getting the flowers outside…

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