Game On: New Super Mario Bros. (World 7)


A furious scramble to survive! Platforming in the sky! Sliding to our death! Luigi is a murderer!

First we were in the clouds. Now we’re…on top of the clouds? There’s a “getting higher” joke in here somewhere for Yellow Toad, but he’s too far gone to even make it.

Chris, Shaun, Jason and Tech Guy are back, taking on World 7 in this video. We’ll be playing through the entire game, but we’re still taking requests. Have a game you want to see us suffer through play next? Let us know in the comments or by sending us an email. Now that this is a series, we’ve created its own page, which you can see here. It’ll list all the games we’ve done so far and what might be coming next.

It’s time to save the princess for the 904,176th time. Game on.

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