Final Fantasy X HD Remake Coming Soon

Final Fantasy X HD coming soon

Final Fantasy X is a beloved classic by most, and to many gamers, marks the last truly great FF title (in my opinion, XII was a superior masterpiece, but whatevs). That’s why news that a remake of FF X is underway, remastered in HD for the Vita, should make a lot of gamers, especially those poor, unfortunate Vita owners, very happy.

Proof of life

Apparently, the game was announced awhile ago, though I don’t recall ever being aware. That’s how you advertise a high profile remake!

Recently, a short video was shown of the game in action. Although the resolution wasn’t actually in HD of any kind (so sort of pointless), it did serve as a reminder that the game is still being developed, and that more news should be available shortly. Which makes it better than Versus XIII. Or whatever the hell that game is called.

Updating a…classic?

I thought X was simply okay when I first played through it. To me, it paled in comparison to IX, IV, V, XII, and VII. The gameplay was fun, but Tidus was annoying, Yuna, was bland, and Wakka…I can already feel my blood pressure rising at the mention of his name. Let’s not even talk about Blitz Ball.

However, I’m willing to admit that the conditions of my playthrough could have affected my experience. It was on rental, so I had to rush through it. Because of that, many battles were more difficult because I was under-leveled, and the puzzles were even more frustrating because I couldn’t afford to waste time getting stuck. Trying to speed through a game while getting your ass kicked by freaking minions  is not an ideal condition. That’s like watching an action movie while fast-forwarding through the exposition. You get the basic gist, the explosions are there, but you’re missing a big part of the experience.

So I’m looking forward to giving the game another shot in high-definition. I’m doing the same thing with VII on my PSP (remember that gaming relic of yesteryear?), and while it still has some flaws, I’m finding it a much more enjoyable game than when I first played it. I’m hoping the same thing happens with X. Plus, it will give me a reason to actually play a Vita, of which to this point I’ve had exactly zero.

Just remake VII already

As a closing thought, the excitement over this bare-bones update poses an interesting idea. Square-Enix has gone on record saying they need a hit, and can’t afford another failure. While I appreciate their efforts in trying to move the genre forward (games like FF XIII, while far from great, still tried to push the boundaries of a turn-based RPG), why can’t they spend some time really updating and rereleasing their classics? I’d love an updated, HD romp with my favorite title, FF IX, and fans have been clamoring for an HD remake to 7 for years. I’m sure the production cost of such an endeavor would be huge, but at the same time, that game would sell boatloads of copies. Let’s just hope that while Square-Enix keeps their eyes on the future with Final Fantasy 14 and 15, they’ll throw fans a bone and respect the lineage that got them there in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy X HD Remake Coming Soon

  1. I never finished Final Fantasy X but I do remember not liking the Blitzball side quest. I’m sorry, the only way you can stay underwater that long without coming up for air is if you have gills. By the way, have you ever read 8-Bit Theatre? They make fun of that side quest in a few comics.

  2. The fact that you still have a PSP is pretty awesome. We still have one…somewhere…round…here… Also, and this is probably just because I’m feeling curmudgeonly at the moment, but maybe Final Fantasy needs to take a rest? Blasphemy! Maybe. But I’m ready for something new from Square-Enix, i.e. Tomb Raider.

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