Han Solo back for Star Wars: Episode VII

It’s being reported that Harrison Ford has informally agreed to reprise his role as Han-Solo for Star Wars: Episode VII. And from a legitimate source, too!

I never really understood the deep adoration many fans feel for the character; he’s a strong, likable character, but I didn’t feel like he was the strongest aspect of the initial trilogy, especially in Episode VI (to be fair, Harrison Ford thought Han should have been killed off by then).

Still, I’m excited for the idea of Harrison Ford reprising the role that made him famous. Allegedly, he’ll play a significant role in the film, which, for me, bodes well for a return of at least some of the initial cast. I’m in the boat of fans that want to see new characters and stories happen, but enjoy the anchor of the returning cast, hopefully to “pass the torch” to the next generation. Let’s not forget that while the original films are beloved classics, it’s the next generation work like the “Clone Wars” tv show that has demonstrated what level of quality Star Wars is capable of when given to a competent writing team (sorry, George Lucas). That’w why I think blending the nostalgia of the past while looking to the future is the best bet for a successful new trilogy.

My biggest hope for a return is Mark Hamill. What do you think? Are you excited for Han Solo, or do images of the nuked fridge still haunt your dreams?

3 thoughts on “Han Solo back for Star Wars: Episode VII

  1. I’ll admit, I’ve never been a super fan of Star Wars unlike some of my other friends. Still, I enjoyed the movies when I watched them. I never cared for the prequels and I preferred the original ones with the original cast. The prospect of having Harrison Ford come back as Han Solo for the new films is a welcome one. I like that bridge between the old and the new. The question is if these news Star Wars films will be any good at all. I don’t think it will matter if the old cast comes back to reprise their roles if the new films suck anyway.

    1. You’re completely right, if the films suck, no amount of nostalgia or star power will help. With that said, I have high hopes. With old Georgie out and an excited, talented, motivated new team working on it, I have high hopes for the new films. They could be – dare I say it – the strongest in the series thus far….

  2. Oh I loved Clone Wars. I still need to catch up, though. I think I stalled at around Season 2 or 3. But it was going really interesting directions, and I felt that most of the episodes are strong. I’m actually kind of excited that Star Wars might be going new directions. I’ve had quite enough of the bad writing of the Prequels. =/

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