Sylveon: The New Eevee Evolution

Meet Sylveon

In case you didn’t have enough decisions when it came to what evolve your Eevee into, Sylveon, the EIGHTH form of Eevee, was announced today.

Look with your special eyes.
Look with your special eyes.

Complete with a pink body, huge eyes, and random ribbons and bows, Sylveon is an oddly perfect Pokemon to announce on Valentine’s Day. Speculation on what type Sylveon is includes bug, flying (?), and normal. Or, some are theorizing, this could be the form of an entirely new, “Light” type Pokemon. Which in itself would be a way more interesting and game changing announcement.

Looking dapper with that bow.
Looking dapper with that bow.

Personally, I think it’s okay. I’m all for cute Eevee evolution, as my Pokemon Black and White version team consisted of both Jolteon and Espeon, and I have a love affair with Glaceon. But that’s the problem; I’m now forced to choose between my favorites and this new, freakishly bubblegum aberration.

Which I will probably do because it’s new and shiny. What do you think about Sylveon?

12 thoughts on “Sylveon: The New Eevee Evolution

  1. See, I’m okay with the pink…and ribbons and bows, whatever. But it’s the eyes…their so dead. And hollow. It’s like the Angel of Death in Pokemon form.

  2. I wonder if they waited until today to do this announcement on purpose. Sylveon is pink and it does call to mind Valentine’s Day. It is cute though. I always have a hard time deciding which Pokemon I want to use or evolve. I’m also a sucker for the really cute ones.

    1. Yeah, I’ll probably use this one because it’s new, but going forward, I don’t know if it will endure. It’s the solid ones like Espeon that I keep going back to years later.

  3. Well the English release name is much better than the Japanese one. My friend sent me a link to this poster with it, and under name was ‘Ninfia’. Sylveon sounds way cooler. Maybe it’s a new type, but I sort of worry that it’s some sort of lame Normal Eeveelution. There are lots of pink Normal type pokemon, after all. I guess only time will tell. =)

    1. Yeah, I don’t really understand what’s up with pink. The thing is, I’d be surprised if it was normal, though your reasoning is sound, because Eevee itself is normal type. So hopefully it’s a new type at least, which is more exciting for the type itself than for what it does to Eevee, haha

  4. Maybe it`s a two type evolution? Like Ice and lying or Ice and normal. It could be a flying one with out hte wings, maybe? I had a hard enough time desiding what my eevee`s should evolve in to allready….. >.<

    1. Yeah, no, flying was definitely an option. And it would look undeniably cool. Gosh…you could be right about dual type, but that’s opening a whole new can of worms as far as Eevee’s concerned. Yeah, but at least it’s a good problem to have, haha.

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