Game On: NBA 2K13 (vs. Suns)


After a devastating loss to the Lakers, the Flagstaff Buzzers look to steal their first victory by taking on the worst team in the NBA: the Phoenix Suns. (I just died a little inside.)

This is a continuation of our custom association, as our created team takes on the NBA and tries to win a championship. Last time, the Lakers ran us out of the building as we struggled to play defense or shoot without sucking.

Chris and Shaun are back, joined by Dave for the first time in Game On. We’re all playing ourselves as custom characters in the game, with abilities similar to how we actually play (only, you know, at an NBA level). There’s more of these games to come down the road, but we’re still taking requests. Have a game you want to see us suffer through play next? Let us know in the comments or by sending us an email. Now that this is a series, we’ve created its own page, which you can see here. It lists all the games we’ve done so far and what might be coming next.

It’s time to dominate the court. Game on.

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