Number Nine With a Bullet

Bullet, bullet everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

I’ve been working hard on getting all these posts ready for our top 25 video games list, but it’s come at the expense of getting my own post prepared this week. It might not help that I spent 1,600 words ranting about Ash Ketchum last Monday. But sometimes you have to get important issues out of your system, or they bubble up inside and consume you. That’s what I’m telling myself, at least.

  • Speaking of our top 25 games of all-time list, it’s going strong, with the top 10 starting today. Personally, I thought our list turned out to be pretty interesting. By getting a panel of folks together, we have a better balance of games, including some choices that never would have made it if it had just been Shaun, Dave and I making picks. You guys have given us great feedback so far, and you’ll have even more chances to tell us how smart/dumb we are when the list winds down at the end of January.
  • Since it’s customary to mention the Suns and basketball in bullet posts, I’ll give you my thoughts on them right now: They’re the worst, and I hate them. I’m not a bandwagon fan who’s going to jump ship just because they’re in the middle of what might be the most awful season in franchise history. But it’s disheartening to think that we don’t have any great players on this team, that we might get a high draft pick in a terrible draft class, that there are barely any good free agents this offseason. It might be a long three or four seasons here, folks, so you’d best strap in for the long haul. Or you can do what Phoenix fans always do and just stop paying attention until they win again. I’ll take advantage of the cheap tickets, so thank you.
  • I’m desperately trying not to get sick like everyone else has this time of year. The flu is everywhere. It’s at work, where posters around the office tell us to “stay at home when we’re sick,” only no one can afford to take their sick days because someone has to get things done by deadline. It’s around town, where you can’t go into a supermarket or restaurant without someone sneezing within five feet of you. It’s at home, where Shaun’s been fighting a persistent minor bug for weeks now. My immune system usually holds up pretty well, but I’m still worried that at any moment, I’m going to be vomiting on everything and everyone that I love.
  • And finally, here’s a picture of Stacy Keibler that hopefully makes your Monday a little bit better. I post because I care.


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