100,000 Hits! Two Bonus Videos!

That’s right, atthebuzzershow.com just reached 100,000 hits, and we’re celebrating with not one, but two bonus videos this time around.

First, we have to say thanks to everyone who continues to support the site. We’ve been bringing it like never before in January — it’s already the month with the most posts ever, and we’re barely halfway through the month. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying our top 25 games of all-time. We flew past the 100k benchmark faster than I could have imagined, which is awesome.

Considering the rate at which we’re growing, I think the next milestone is going to be 250,000 hits. I thought about doing a post for every 100,000, but that’ll probably be a little bit silly at some point. So we’ll let it rock at 250k and 500k next.

Anyway, time for the videos. First up is another example of Chris pretending like he can play the piano. One of these days he’s going to get serious about learning how to read sheet music and such, but this is not that day. The song of choice here is “Dire, Dire Docks” from Super Mario 64.

Then, join us on a tour of the new setup for where we record the show, as well as a look at all the new equipment used to do each week’s show. As an added bonus, there’s a quick peek at some of what it necessary to make Game On work each week.

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