Hydroponic Calla Lillies and Horses part 2

You know, it’s funny how things go sometimes. A couple weeks ago I posted to tell you how happy I was that my flowers started sprouting. This week, I want to talk about how things go from being tiny little things to oh-my-lord-that-dog-could-eat-me.

I first got the idea for this post when Shelby (remember Shelby?) snuck into the photo I took for my original idea for this post. Here it is:


And this shot:


The original idea was to show you the difference in just a week and a half. Three beds totaling 58 bulbs planted. The two beds closest to the camera were made from sterilite containers bought from Wal-Mart. The beds were trimmed to roughly 10 inches deep, with about 7-8 inches of hydroton, and sit on the reservoir tank, which is about 25 inches. And Shelby is dropping her head to sniff the bulbs.

Yes, the puppy from this post, who as you can see in the third photo is hardly taller than the height of my sister’s lap when sitting on the floor, is now drooping her head into a nearly 3-foot high flower bed. I take pictures to show the 2 inches my plants have grown, but easily more impressive is that in a little over 5 months, Shelby can now put her paws on my shoulders, standing up. Here is the full shot:


Soon, my faithful steed, soon.

Today, the flower bulbs are looking even more promising. The time between the original photo from the post two weeks ago, and this photo, is roughly two and a half weeks:


And, I now have some of the larger breed doing quite well as well:


I am so happy I discovered hydroponic growing. This is a truly rewarding experience, and I hope I encourage other people to try it out (it’s not hard! I recommend starting with basil). Eventually my fiancee and I will be cutting the flowers for arrangements in our wedding, and I look forward to writing about that as well.

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