The Little Wins, and Hydroponic Calla Lillies

December is an interesting month. When your trying your darndest to get flowers for your wedding planted, all while making plans for your own birthday, Christmas, entertaining visiting family, your fiancee’s birthday, and your four-year dating anniversary, you can hardly find time to list your top 25 games of all time, much less make blog posts. It paid off; my fiancee and I both had a pretty good birthdays, Christmas, and successfully housed our first holiday guests. Oh, and let’s not forget:

Those would be calla lily bulbs.

That’s right, I got flower bulbs planted. Not only planted, but they are sprouting:


You would not believe the feeling when I spotted sprouts coming from the bulbs. Growing bulbs hydroponically is not exactly easy. If the bulbs are submerged in water, they will rot (I’m worried some of the slow starters may be too wet). If they aren’t close enough to water, they don’t send out their roots. The trick to starting bulbs this way is setting them such that the bottoms just barely touch the water. Actually, there are vases designed specifically for starting bulbs in water. I might have to snag a few of those and grow some at work.

I pray that they will have bloomed in time for the wedding. As my fiancee pointed out last night, it’s only 75 days away…

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