New Man of Steel Trailer: Making Superman Awesome Again

New Man of Steel Trailer: Making Superman Awesome Again

“He can break out of those cuffs at any time!”

This was the most common reaction of the first poster of Man of Steel, in which Superman is cuffed and surrounded by military men. If you uttered this statement, you’re an idiot. If you know someone who uttered this statement, they are idiots and you need to seriously consider if they are worth being friends with. Because not only did they not understand the meaning of the poster (of course he can get out anytime, that’s the point, you insufferable fools), they are criticizing what’s shaping up to be one of the better entries into the superhero genre.

Anyone that disagrees that this poster is awesome is unworthy.
Anyone that disagrees that this poster is awesome is unworthy.

That’s right, I said it. I’m not saying it will be better than Nolan’s Batman trilogy, one of the most exquisite trilogies ever. But…if the new Superman movie succeeds, it might be a bigger achievement. Batman is inherently cool, and naturally possesses the pathos, complexity, and tragic arch that makes his world and his character so compelling. Superman? He was founded simply as the man who can do anything. Nuances and depth took a backseat to “Dude, that guy pick up a train!”

What this trailer emphasizes is Clark Kent’s emotional journey, and the decision to do what is right despite the possibility that the world may not be ready for him. This is represented in the poster, and this is represented in the film’s second trailer, below. When Clark asks his father, who’s urging him to keep his abilities a secret, if he should have let kids die, his father replies “maybe.” Damn, Kevin Costner! Gives me chills. This is a serious take on a serious character who has been transformed into a caricature, and will hopefully provide him with enough of an emotion arch to make the man of steel relevant again after a long hiatus.

If this film includes an island made of kryptonite, I’ll concede to your jeers. Check out the trailer, and make sure to leave comments.

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