Buzz in the Kitchen: MommaChelle’s Spicy Cashew Chicken

nickOne night, I was curious what I could make using the stainless steel chef’s pot that I had received for Christmas last year.  When I first saw it, I had originally thought it was a wok of some kind, which might be a common mistake.  Anyway, wok is to chinese food like chinese food is to “GET IN NICK’S BELLY!” so that is the story of how I went on the scavenge for a good recipe.  I’m glad the chef’s pot actually does a decent job.

Enter MommaChelle’s blog.  I don’t remember the exact search terms that found this, but I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t have a problem finding this recipe.  It doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, and the ones it does have are actually fairly cheap and will last for several preparations (believe me, I used every last bit of the original ones I bought).

I hope MommaChelle doesn't mind that I reused her photo...  Some side effects of viewing this photo consist of sudden hunger.
I hope MommaChelle doesn’t mind that I reused her photo… Some side effects of viewing this photo consist of sudden hunger.

On a side note, I have several recipes I like that use garlic, so I figured it wouldn’t be a waste to buy a whole bulb of it for once instead of the minced jar, or simply using garlic powder.  Despite having quite a few favorite recipes with garlic, after discovering THIS recipe it was the first time I had gone through an entire bulb without having to throw out any of it because it started growing weird things on it.  That’s not even the impressive part (for us, anyway); I went through the entire bulb in five days.  My fiancee and I loved it so much we ate it no fewer than 5 times that week.

The first time I made it, it was good, but extremely salty and spicy (it’s possible the gluten-free soy sauce we use is a bit saltier to taste).  The next few times I played with the recipe a bit – for example, I now use the recommended minimum for the crushed red pepper, and for the spicy cashew sauce I reduce the amount of soy sauce by 1 tbsp and add 1 tbsp of cooking sherry instead.

MommaChelle first learned of the recipe when she was invited over for dinner.  In a way, I feel as though she treated my fiancee and me to a wonderful dinner as well.  I regret that so far I’ve only made it for one guest.  I know my dad and brother would love to have it, but my mom simply cannot stand garlic (smell or taste) or chinese food at all.  Blah.

Ironically, one of the best smells in the world to me is sautéing garlic.

4 thoughts on “Buzz in the Kitchen: MommaChelle’s Spicy Cashew Chicken

  1. Im flattered that you posted my recipe and used great links back to my blog! So glad you liked it so much. Its my go-to recipe for when I have people over. I find the more I make it the better it gets because i mess around with different amounts of the ingredients and get it exactly how I like….try it. thanks!

    1. Yes, thank you a million times over for this. Actually, just a few days ago my fiancée was getting over the flu and had just gotten her appetite back. Guess what I just happened to have all the ingredients for on hand? It went over great!

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