Feeling a bit dotty

I couldn’t believe it happened.

It was bowling night. I was doing  decent, probably because I had this system to encourage myself to get more strikes and spares. A table nearby was offering some leftover Halloween candy, so any time I got a “mark” I would treat myself to a piece.

But one of those marks was special. It was the best mark in the world. I got a strike, so I grabbed the box of Dots, pretty much the best of the cheap Halloween candy. I tried to part the end of the box. It is common with this particular treat that you often times end up ripping the box in unusual ways, but this time it was simple, the flap separated itself cleanly, and a preemptive bliss started to sneak its way out.

I started to pour the contents, and two red pieces fell out – ecstatic! My favorite flavor, and double goodness. I tipped the box a bit more, and yet another red piece fell out. No way! The feeling was starting to show, but I kept it contained. This was my night.

But… There’s no way, is there? It couldn’t be. I emptied the contents of the box.

… And I’m now on my way to the store to get my powerball ticket, on my way to Vegas to bet it all on red

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