Actor/Comedian Becomes Local Hero

A few weeks ago, a small town was rejoicing after being saved from famine from an unlikely source – Actor/comedian Norm MacDonald.

The local town farm had become overrun by an overpopulation of rabbits in the area. The owner and farmer left to save his family from starvation.

Having heard cries of help, Mr. MacDonald sprung into action. He purchased the farm and developed his own plan for ridding it of pests. Already owning a collection of unusually large action figures, he placed them at strategic points to behave as scarecrow-like devices. A huge success, the farm is now producing enough food to sustain the population.

The farm is now up for sale, and MacDonald says he will be leaving the area as soon as someone who can properly care for the property purchases it. However, locals say that they will always sing of the day when Norm MacDonald had a farm, with his knee-high G.I. Joes.

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