Election 2012

So here we are at election day. How fortunate it is for me that my posting day happens to be Tuesday. Anyway…

A few weeks ago I received an early voter ballot in the mail where it promptly sat on my counter until last night (I have been way too busy lately). Parts of me enjoyed the process of filling it out – my fiancée and I sat at our kitchen table doing our research, reading the clean election pitches, and talking it out on several issues.

Now, sleep deprived and quite near the deadline, I’m pleased as punch to say I was able to drop off my first ever presidential election ballot.

“What, first ever?! You’re nearly 28! You’ve been eligible to vote for two other presidential elections!”

Yeah, well, stuff happens. In 2004 I had been temporarily living in Flagstaff while my address was in Phoenix, so I needed a mail in ballot – but it was obviously mailed to Phoenix so I had to figure out a time to go get it and fill it out, which took a back seat to college. In 2008 it was even worse timing for college work, as I had begun my senior capstone project.

Phew. It’s over. It has been a long haul. I can finally relax, I’ve got that off my mind. Now I can finally focus on wedding planning, making invitations, designing my greenhouse, planting the flowers for the wedding, working on my budget for paying off my student loans, house, and — oh, that’s only what I have on my first plate?

When I was reading the Clean Elections pitches, I noticed on more than one occasion people were trying to convey that they were just like me – well, frankly, if I wanted someone like me in office, I’d run for it myself. I’d hope that someone running for office is a thousand times more organized, and a thousand times more knowledgeable about what the heck the position is that these people are running for. Also, simply repeating the main points that the presidential candidates were touting does not sound anything like me, and frankly makes me unsure you know what the position is about.

My first time voting wasn’t completely pleasant, to tell the truth, but the guys on the show were right; there is an overwhelming feeling of happiness, pride, and patriotism when you finally turn that ballot in.

Now to find something to enjoy about the remaining time for the election. I must thank the radio for playing the clip of Morgan Freeman saying that he supports giant scissors, I’m pretty sure my coworkers think I’m crazy now. And… now all the readers think so as well, because I can’t find a link. Pics or it didn’t happen?

Anyway, enough of that.  Go on, get out and vote!

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