Cellphone Features

And now, for my new one-time segment, cellphone features! Today’s spotlight feature: the calendar!

The calendar on our phones is great! The utility is just plain amazing. Did you know you can enter key events into your phone, and the phone will remind you at a specified time prior to that event? Simply amazing!

Just take a look at the things I’ve set my phone to remind me to do:

– Pay my carpool for gas on a biweekly basis, a day in advance of it being due.
– Cook a dish for the monthly game night, a day in advance.
– Spray the foundation of my house with insect control, once per month.
– Check the TDS reading on the water from my reverse osmosis system, once every six months.

And just today, I added a new reminder!

– Write a post for At The Buzzer every Sunday, to be posted on Tuesday.

Enjoy the features of your phones, folks!

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