50,000 Hits Bonus Video! Piano Time!

Hey, this is, like, a major plateau and stuff!

As promised, after this one we’ll be skipping ahead a bit and not doing this every 10,000 posts. 50K is pretty important, though; when I think back to the start of this site more than a year ago, we were at just 5,000 hits after seven months. How quickly things can change.

So you guys kept hitting the site so frequently that this post is coming a little bit sooner than I thought it would be. I had a few other plans for what to put together as a reward for this; our other videos have usually been extra stuff from other things we’ve taped, and this time I thought I would do something unique. Maybe a special Game On recorded just for the occasion. Unfortunately, none of that is done yet, so I’m having to improvise a little bit.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had picked up a pretty nice keyboard in the hopes of learning how to play the piano again. I’ve never learned how to read sheet music, and pretty much everything I used to play I learned by ear. Still, after about seven years of barely getting to play, it’s nice to have the option again.

I still have a lonnnnnnng way to go, but here is the first result: the Song of Healing from Majora’s Mask. Please don’t make fun of my closet recording studio or my girlish manly hair. I’m very sensitive. I also apologize for the slight hiss — the iPod isn’t exactly the best for shooting video.

See you at 75,000!

4 thoughts on “50,000 Hits Bonus Video! Piano Time!

  1. So…. Next time you are down, we can shoot a video of you at the ol’ Grand Piano with some really-fine audio, if you desire.

    As long as you cut that girlish hair! J

    Congrats on the hits! Well done, sir!


  2. (1) Amazing hit count! (2) Very nice on the keyboard there! You have a great talent to be able to play by ear. Some of us have to learn piano the hard way (only to quit, and then totally regret quitting).

    1. Thank you, on both counts. I’m kinda with you on the regret bit…I really should be doing more with this. But this keyboard is a step in the right direction, because I’m playing again (and it’s fun, too). Hopefully I can stay with it.

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