The Upcoming Pokemon White and Black 2

Hey all, Pokemon Black and White 2 is out in five days!

Oh how I have loved this series. I still remember way back in the day all the excitement I had from reading the issues of Nintendo Power magazine that lead up to the release of Blue and Red (featuring comic books of the first few episodes of the show! Nintendo did this release way right for me).

Since that initial release I have traveled each and every region of the pokemon world, some of them multiple times: some from retouched releases (Leaf Green), and twice from a new entries in the current generation (Emerald, Platinum). I’m such a fan, right? Unfortunately, unlike Chris I am not excited for Black and White 2.

Normally I’d be all in. I would have had a preorder in months ago. Heck, for the prequels, I went to a midnight release party. And believe me, I really do feel like I only got part of the story and I really crave to delve into the next chapter. The fact that I actually do want to experience the story of this game just makes it harder for me to do this. I’m boycotting Pokemon.

Why? I’m sure that some part of me always wished that a cooperative story mode was there from the beginning, but I think I only became aware of it since I actually saw the potential of it happening when I played Sapphire. A new feature, you can send out two pokemon at a time for a DOUBLE battle! Somehow I felt that Nintendo knew my grand desires.

Several iterations later, things had been getting better and better – now we can send out three at a time in a couple of different ways. We can even cooperate with our friends in various tournaments with unusual rules! There is a mode where we can go about in our friends’ game world and actually interact with them and people in their game! Seriously, if my dreams get teased any more, I might have to call Nintendo out for bullying!

I realize that I shouldn’t expect substantial changes like this from a sequel in the same generation, but I just have to vote with my wallet at some point. Nintendo, if you happen to read this, please prove me right – you seem to be heading in this direction. The next generation NEEDS to feature cooperative story mode.

The TV show usually features 3 or 4 trainers going on an adventure together. Even the Pokemon movie that the theme was the “Power of One” was wrought with cooperation and companionship.

Please. And if you do, I will likely reverse my vote.

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