ATB Endorsement: The Insanity Workout Program Works

Insanity: The Best Workout Program Out There

As the radio show continues to grow, we’ve been asked repeatedly to start taking on endorsements. The phones are ringing off the hook, more or less. It’s like, okay everyone, take it easy. We can endorse your products one step at a time, okay? Just calm down.

The key with endorsements is you have to have tried it yourself. Any fan of Frasier (and if you’re not, you suck) knows that it is morally reprehensible to lie about endorsements. You have to have tried the product, and you have to agree with what you are saying.

With that in mind, my first official At The Buzzer endorsement is for the Insanity workout program.

Now, I’m aware of the stigma that used to, and still might, exist regarding workout videos. The first image many people think of is Richard Simmons doing some ridiculous aerobics workout while yelling at the audience that they’re good enough and to love themselves. However, P90X went a long way into convincing people home workout videos can work, and Insanity is about 10 times more effective. Don’t believe me? Read these real life testimonials.

Hope you don’t hate jumping. You’ll be doing a lot of it.

Insanity testimonials

“I’m sweating harder in the warm-up than I do in the entirety or racquetball.” – Tech Guy, At The Buzzer tech guy

(Belabored, incoherent panting) – Gary Sundt, At The Buzzer contributer

“Insanity is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life ever I got a six pack in three days now all women want me.” – I just made that one up

“Sorry, no time for Insanity, doing a stay-cation with Courtney this weekend.” – David Robinson, At The Buzzer cast member

All those people can’t be wrong, America. Insanity is the real deal. Here’s why it works.

How you know it’s working

1. You’ll hate yourself

The moment the screen turns on, Sean T and his crew of mostly the fittest people ever will make you rue the day you were born. The first time I did Insanity, we finished the workout, and I was convinced that it was the best workout video ever. Then Sean T told me that was the warmup, and the real workout was about to start, and I almost dropped dead. I’m a fairly athletic guy, and while I can’t measure quantitative results yet, the fact that I can’t barely move and am dripping sweat like a damn faucet after every workout is testament to the workout working.

2. You can tell it’s working, even on the host

It’s always been a suspicion of mine that people with amazing bodies do workouts that actually work on their own time, then come and lead a home video that doesn’t do anything to convince you the tape actually works. This is not the case with Insanity. Maybe you have some great actors, but many members of the cast frequently have to bow out for a rest during the workout, or are called out by the host for improper form. If these people are in that good of shape and dying this bad from the workout, it’s a pretty clear sign that the video is working something.

3. The cast is hot

A little eye candy doesn’t hurt during the workout, and Insanity is apparently aware of this. At least three of the girls are super attractive with some of the best abs I’ve ever seen, and a bunch of the men are ripped out of their minds. Just ignore the dude who looks like he was just defibrillated and might die any second. You’ll know him when you see him. He’s my favorite because he’s what I imagine I look like at the end of the workout.

She might be my favorite. Built like a tank. A very long, very sexy tank.

4. It’s fun

Yeah, sounds dumb, but seriously, the workouts are fun and varied. The workouts are based on “Max Interval Training,” so you’re going to get a lot of high intensity cardio, mixed with resistance training that helps burn fat and build muscle. They throw a lot of different things in the mix that manage to effectively work different parts of your body and focus on different groups. Plus, it’s smart; typically, they’ll do things like follow an intense leg exercise with an intense push-up exercise, or flow organically from one exercise to another so that it’s targeting the same core. It just feels like they know what they’re doing, and confidence in the workout you’re performing will help you stay motivated.

That’s the end of the endorsement. Go buy Insanity.

2 thoughts on “ATB Endorsement: The Insanity Workout Program Works

  1. The DVD does recommend getting a heart rate monitor. These are great because they help gauge where your heart rate is during the workout. Because this program can get very intense and you’ll be exercising at very high intensities, it’s important that you keep your heart rate at a healthy number. If your heart rate ever gets too high, it can have some negative consequences so you want to be sure that you’re working in a range that’s good for you. At the end of the DVD, Shaun T reminds you to drink your “recovery formula.” This is a shake that you can purchase on the Beach Body website. You don’t NEED to buy it BUT, make sure you are eating something immediately following the routine. Because it’s so intense, your body needs food to refuel your body and help recover.

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