D&D Corner: The Story of Dewdrop

Hey everyone! Many of you might not know this about us here at At the Buzzer, but we do our best to be the most well rounded group of geeks you can find. Sports, video games, whatever. Recently we’ve started up a game of Dungeons and Dragons here at our humble abode. So from time to time I’ll be throwing out some updates on how things are going and some of the exciting things/challenges we’ve faced as a group new to the game (the exception being me, who has played it for years).

So for my first post I figured I’d write up the history of my character: Dewdrop the Pixie Thief. She’s a friendly, trusting and fiercely protective little fairy who is always willing to make a new friend. For her background, I decided I’d try something different and use the new random background generator found in the new Heroes of the Feywild book. Because she’s a thief (who has lots of skills) and the system uses that number of skills to determine the “length” of the background; little Dewdrop ended up with quite a big back-story! And while the system doesn’t actually give all the details I put into it, Dewdrop’s story serves as a kind of “proof of concept” for the system; proving that a long and detailed story can easily come from a few dice rolls and some player imagination. So, without further ado, here it is. The story of Dewdrop:

Once upon a time there was a pixie by the name of Dewdrop…

Dewdrop was a bright and cheerful young pixie tasked with sprinkling the morning dew upon the spider webs, flowers and stalactites of the Feydark entrance she lived by. She went out of her way to befriend and help the insects and creatures she met, and knew nothing of prejudice or hate until the day she stumbled upon a caravan traveling into the Feydark.

Ran by a group of slavers and mercenaries, the caravan was on its way to the Drow city of Kar’Dreath to deliver slaves, criminals and traitors. Dewdrop approached the slavers like she did any other creatures, and asked if they’d be her friend. Wanting nothing to do with the Pixie, the drow slavers waved her off and told her to get lost. When she wouldn’t, they struck the small pixie and left her on the road-side. Angered at their manners and shocked that any creature would treat another that way, Dewdrop followed the caravan and began talking to the slaves and criminals the mercenaries had imprisoned.

It was here that she met Sydris and Lorak Dawnfeather, a couple who had been running from the Drow for many years and had just recently been found and recaptured. Sydris was once a Drow Priestess tasked with breaking in their temple’s new slaves, including the man who would later be her husband. The two harbored a secret love, and it wasn’t long before their secret was discovered by the other Priestesses of Lolth. Facing execution, the two fled the Feydark and hoped to start a life together. Although Sydris had pledged herself to Corellan and asked for his protection every night, the two could not hide from the seemingly inescapable web set out for them by the Church of Lolth.

Dewdrop was shocked that anyone could seek to harm such nice people, and promised to do anything she could to help free them.

So that night Dewdrop snuck into the slavers encampment and freed the couple from their cages. She then proceeded to free the rest of the criminals and slaves as well, leading to a camp wide skirmish as the drow slavers suddenly found themselves ambushed and outnumbered. The Dawnfeathers, wanting only to escape, fled into the forest with Dewdrop close behind them.

The timeless city of Mithrendain.

Indebted to the Pixie, and having learned that Dewdrop didn’t have any family or friends outside of the animals who’s webs she coated with dew every morning, they took the tiny fey in and adopted her. The three of them then headed for the nearest place safe from Lolth’s corrupting grasp, the timeless city of Mithrendain. Here the three of them spent decades in each other’s company and that of others that had sought refuge within the city. Sydris was still a drow after all, and it took some time before she was trusted by the cities populace.

Dewdrop enjoyed her time with the Dawnfeathers and even took their name as her own. She played games with the other residence of the city and made quite a few friends. Her curiosity though, always seemed to get the better of her. Although she introduced herself as “Dewdrop Dawnfeather”, she was more commonly known as “that nosey Dewdrop”. It was that same curiosity though, that eventually landed Dewdrop with a position amongst the ranks of The Watchers of the Night; after she broke into the magical fortress known as the Citadel Arcanum and earned the Watcher’s respect.

Dewdrop spent many years in the Watcher’s employ, acting as the orders eyes and ears on the city’s streets. Unfortunately for Dewdrop though, she was a little too good at her job; and eventually earned the ire of a particularly vile slaver who had her captured and to goblin kingdom of Nachtur. Where he hoped Dewdrop would make a perfect gift for the Great Gark, the king of the goblin realm, who he owed a great deal of money.

Although Dewdrop was sad that she wasn’t with the Dawnfeather’s anymore, she was never one to dwell on such things; and she was always ready to make new friends. So when Dewdrop was brought before the Great Gark, she flew up to the Goblin King and extended her hand like she always did, “Hello, I’m Dewdrop Dawnfeather. Do you wanna be my friend?” The Great Gark simply laughed, and then grabbed the pixie and tossed her into the crowd of goblins that waited on him. “The Great Gark does not have friends, only servants and slaves,” he barked. “And you, tiny fairy, aren’t even strong enough to make a good slave.”

Dewdrop was angered by the Goblin Kings actions, but hurt even more by his words. After all, she was good enough to be anyone’s friend! And she was determined to prove it. As the crowd of goblin’s descended upon her, she shrunk one of their swords and brought it to bare on the creatures attacking her; her years of training under The Watchers of the Night giving her all the skill she needed to best the bumbling creatures.

The Great Gark was surprised to see such fight in a pixie so small. She was quick and agile, and handled a goblin blade with the kind of skilled dexterity that many of his top assassin’s had. As Dewdrop fought back in self-defense, cutting and stabbing the fingers and eyes of the goblins around her, the Great Gark held up his hand and ordered the goblin’s to stop. “You’ve proven your worth little pixie,” the Great Gark said as he motioned for Dewdrop to approach him once more. “You may indeed have a place here after all,” and with that he placed her within the indentured servitude of one of his Mercenary Companies: a vicious band of thieves and assassins called the Muck Rats.

Some Goblins.

Under the tutelage of the Muck Rats Dewdrop honed her skills of stealth, thievery and swordplay to a fine point. She could beat all but the best of them, and enjoyed all of the sneaking and spying that the Muck Rats did. She quickly learned to dress like them, speak like them, and even gained the habit of painting her body in the war-paint they wore. Before long Dewdrop was simply seen as “one of the guys” amongst the band of bloodthirsty mercenaries. To Dewdrop it was all just a new kind of game, and she reveled in it.

After a decade in their service though, Dewdrop was granted her freedom and informed that she could leave at any time she wanted. Dewdrop, never one to leave friends behind, wasn’t sure she wanted to leave at first. But even she couldn’t resist the freedom to start a new adventure and travel wherever she pleased, and as usual her curiosity won out…

So with her newfound freedom Dewdrop struck out and returned to the Feydark entrance that she had grown up in. She was saddened to see that all the animals she’d once known were dead and gone, and that no one had even taken the time to place dewdrops on the empty cobwebs that remained after their passing. Knowing that she’d have to strike out and journey outwards if she wanted to find new friends, Dewdrop plunged headfirst into the tunnel and journeyed ever deeper into Feydark.

After weeks of exploring, Dewdrop found a mystical portal that seemed to be ages old. Hoping that she could find friends on the other side, Dewdrop headed into the arcane vortex and found herself at the surface once again. Only this wasn’t a beautiful city or an enchanted forest, but a ruined and haunted place that looked as though it had been a city that had seen some sort of horrendous battle many centuries ago. Convinced that she could still find friend though, Dewdrop began to explore the city and look for new friends.

That was when she stumbled upon a young displacer beast that had been trapped by the webs of some form of large spider. Reminded of the Dawnfeather’s and their entrapment so many years ago, Dewdrop rushed to the beast’s aid and cut him free of the webbing that ensnared him. The displacer beast was grateful for the pixies aid, and thanked her profusely for her help. He then explained that he and a few other creatures had been captured by a particularly large spider that lived in the area, and that he was scheduled to be eaten next. “How horrible!” Dewdrop thought. Yet before Dewdrop or the displacer beast could run the spider returned to its nest and attacked the two of them.

A Displacer Beast

The displacer beast would have been no match for the spider by itself, but with Dewdrop’s helps the two of them managed to fend off the creature’s attacks and kill it. But during the battle Dewdrop was seriously injured by the spider’s venom and soon found herself paralyzed and dying on the cold stone ruins of what used to be a cobblestone road. The displacer beast that she’d helped was powerless to do anything sit next to her and comfort her.

But as Dewdrop lay dying in the ruined city, a mysterious visitor emerged from the mist that enshrouded the area and knelt beside her. “Sleep well, young pixie,” the figure said, as it reached out and touched Dewdrop’s head.

In Dewdrop’s fevered sleep, she was granted a vision of things she did not understand. Images of a black pyramid, surrounded by a lush jungle flashed before her eyes. “You are destined for great things, young Dewdrop,” a voice said. “You are never afraid to help a friend in need, and that is why I need to you help an old friend of mine.” Once again images filled Dewdrops dreams. This time of a beautiful eladrin madden whose eyes were filled with both sadness and rage. “She once helped me prevent a great disaster,” the voice said, as images of a great battle between men and devils filled Dewdrop’s vision. “Yet for her sacrifice she was unjustly punished,” the voice said, as images of the woman’s head being severed from her shoulders flashed quickly in Dewdrop’s eyes. “Those who will free her will need your help. Go now, and seek out your destiny…” the voice commanded, moments before Dewdrop was torn away from her dreams.

Dewdrop awoke in a maze of tree’s and hedges. Her wounds had been healed and her body seemed to have rid itself of the spider’s poison. What’s more, the displacer beast that she’d saved was next to her; equally as confused about how they’d arrived where they were. Confused yet unwilling to let that drag her down, Dewdrop hopped to her feet and formally introduced herself to the displacer beast. “Hello! I’m Dewdrop Dawnfeather. What’s your name?” she asked. The beast though, simply held its head in shame; for its mother had died before he had been given a name. “That’s ok!” Dewdrop Proclaimed. “Then I shall give you a name!” She then thought as hard as she could, and studied the displacer beast up and down before settling on the purple suction cups that adorned the ends of its tentacle. “I know!” she cried. “Your name will be Oleander! Cause the tips of your tentacles are big and purple like oleanders!” The displacer beast was humbled by Dewdrop’s gift to him, as it was a great honor for any beast of the Feywild to be named by a pixie, nymph or dryad. And so the two of them, Dewdrop and Oleander, continued together further into the maze they had found themselves in.

The Dryad Queen

Apparently they had appeared somewhere close to the middle of it though, as it didn’t take them long to reach the maze’s center. There they found a great tree, greater than any tree either of them had ever seen, and under the tree was a mighty dryad that looked angry to see them approach. “Who dares approach the Mother Tree unannounced!” the dryad cried, enraged by Dewdrop and Oleander’s presence in the center of the maze. “Hello!” Dewdrop replied cheerfully, hoping her kindness might help calm the dryad down. “My name is Dew-” yet the Dryad ignored Dewdrop’s words and cut Dewdrop off mid-sentence. “Intruders!” she yelled. Looking at the armor and war-paint Dewdrop was wearing, the Dryad’s face was quickly overcome with rage. “Goblin spies!” the dryad cried, as she cast an accusatory finger at both Dewdrop and Oleander. “I don’t know how you were able to enter this realm, but I can assure you it won’t happen again!” And with that the dryad cast a spell on the two companions and sent them spinning out of the Feywilds and as far away from her grove as possible… into the mortal world.

Dewdrop and Oleander awoke, dizzy and confused, for the second time that day. Only this time they could feel that something was different, the air felt… weak, and less magical where they were. Unsure of exactly where they were or why they had been dropped off into the maze in the first place; the two companions struck off into the forest in the hopes of getting some answers and maybe even making a few new friends along the way!

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