Phoenix Wright: The Greatest Song in Music History

So I was searching youtube for good music the other day, and I decided to look up music to Phoenix Wright. Fans of the show may or may not be aware of my love affair with this game series. The mood pieces and fantastic writing hooked me, and the epic music just seals the deal.

I heard this little ditty the other day at work (shh), and I don’t want to hyperbolize the situation, but it might be the greatest song to ever be conceived in the history of music. Not mankind. Music. Because if music predates humanity, and was invented by some sort of prehistoric animal or aliens or something, this song is better than that.

Just listen to it. So much skill. Every line is different (I don’t think they use the term “lines” in music), and there is so much variety. He takes a great, epic song, and just makes it so much better.

You listen to it, and it makes you want to learn how to play music. Specifically, to play this song. But you can’t. Because you suck, and even if you could learn, it would not be better than this electric guitar choir of rocking angels.

If you’ve watched this video, you’ve seen the truth. I’m sorry to report that you just peaked. Everything from here on out will pale in comparison to this moment. Apologize to your kids for not caring about their stupid wedding. Inform your grandparents you won’t be making their funerals. What’s the point? Unless they are the person that wrote and performed this song, their existence just doesn’t matter as much anymore.

Stop going to work. There is nothing for you there anymore. What, you going to make money so you can buy things that are as irrelevant as the rest of your life is now? Please. You will always remember where you were the day you heard this song. Let it be immortalized. Accept nothing is greater, and try to move forward.

This video doesn’t quite have 5,000 views. Shame on you. This piece of heaven falls on your lap and you don’t immediately watch it and then proceed to rewatch it? You don’t know how good you have it. This video should be at 6 gajillion views and counting. Let’s work on it, everyone.

You’re welcome.

One thought on “Phoenix Wright: The Greatest Song in Music History

  1. The “greatest?” Maybe. It’s at least convinced me to give Phoenix Wright another chance in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Oh wait…our PS3 broke. Damn. Now I’m sad. But maybe it’s for the best; he had silly moves.

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