40,000 Hits Bonus Video!

Man, here we are again.

It’s a good problem to have. It’s still a strange to me, considering that we had all of 3 hits in March and like 500 total for the entire summer of 2011. Now we’re churning out 6,000-8,000 a month, which is awesome.

It also means that I kinda have to re-evaluate how often we do these bonus videos. There’s only so much footage out there of the ATB crew in action, mostly because of the difference in cities. So we’ll start targeting more major plateaus going forward. 50K will be a video, and then we’ll probably do another one at 75K and then something different and bigger at 100K.

Now then, the video. This is a part of the Colorado trip we haven’t posted anything from yet — paddleboats on Lake Evergreen. Evergreen’s a smallish town on the outskirts of Denver, and like a lot of the surrounding areas, it’s quite pretty. Please don’t tell PETA about Shaun’s duck abuse in the video. That’s the last thing we need right now.

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