Today’s Korean Phrase: setagso = laundry

Doing laundry in English Village sucks.

I will elaborate.

I get my own washing machine in my studio apartment, which is a very good thing as it means my days sitting in a laundromat babysitting clothes for hours are on hold for a whole year.  However, my machine looks like this…

Setagso Control Center

So, best of luck figuring out your settings.  After some button pushing and calling in help from edutainer Bobby upstairs, I found the ‘normal’ settings for washing.  The problem lies afterward, as there is no dryer to accompany this washer.  Being without its proper life partner means more buttons for “spin dry,” which basically means spinning as fast as it can to get all the water out.  Only that doesn’t really happen in the slightest. Meaning clothes travel to….


the torture drying rack.  Of all places not to have a dryer, sticky South Korea should NOT be one of them.  Apparently it is pretty customary for Koreans to not use electric dryers and rely solely on the racks. These are handy for taking care of your delicates and other lightweight items, but not so much for the jeans and tee shirts, especially when it looks like this outside for most of the summer

[visual approximation]

This place is very humid (and I’ve lived in Miami) so not only has having manageable hair become a novelty, due to the setagso situation apparently so has having dry clothes.  Soon my wardrobe from the states will have been worn and washed and I will be stuck in the endless spin cycle of damp denim and clammy cotton.

So those of you who might be reading this while watching your clothes tumble dry in a dirty laundromat remember, while it may not be ideal, you can rest assured that with enough quarters at least you can avoid soggy setagso.

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