BulletTime #1

So the picture may be misleading. This blog isn’t about ASU…well mostly not. I’ve had a lot of things going through my mind lately. It’s weird, because for once I have so many different ideas to write about that I can’t pick one, so I’m just going to write about a bunch of them.  Chris already stole the “with a bullet” name for this type of blog, so I think I’m going to use BulletTime. I’d copyright it…but I’m pretty sure the Matrix stole that one before I could. As always, I blame Keanu Reeves.

  • ASU football starts tomorrow. And I even thought about making another season preview, but sadly, this is about the worst time I can remember in Arizona Sports. ASU football will probably be happy if they go 7-5 this year, and that is so depressing I think I’m gonna cry. The game against NAU is going to be the barometer for the year. If they come out and dominate, we have a chance to have a decent season. But if they come out flat and only win by 1 or two touchdowns, it could be an even longer season than what we think.
  • Quick thought: why do we say “it’s going to be a long season?” In pro sports that’s a good thing! It means you went far in the playoffs. We should get someone on this.
  • The World Series of Poker has been on lately on Tuesdays. That, combined with the imminent return of online poker, has given me the itch to play pretty badly lately. I can only imagine how fun it would be to sit for 7 days straight in Vegas, playing poker all day, every day, and playing with the best players in the world. If anyone feels like sponsoring me in the WSOP, feel free to write me at: Dave@atthebuzzershow.com I promise half of my winnings to you if you do. I’m totally good at poker too. Totally.
  • I hate to tip at restaurants. This is most likely an entire other blog post for me, but I hate the concept of it. I don’t hate paying for services, but I hate the fact that restaurants are allowed to get away with paying their employees nothing while expecting their customers to pick up the slack. I’ll save my ranting, but man, it really bothers me sometimes.
  • On that note, I’ve really enjoyed cooking lately. My wonderful fiance is a great cook and she has whipped up some amazing, healthy dishes lately. I really think that I’d rather spend an hour cooking at home with my own TV on with Courtney rather than spending an hour at a loud restaurant and having to deal with tons of other people, bad service, overpriced food and loud kids. Also, I’m old. Get off my lawn.
  • Once again I’m not very excited for the NFL. I see everyone at work talking about the NFL, spending hours discussing their teams and players. Honestly, if the once a week format didn’t bring people together so well, and Fantasy football didn’t exist, I wouldn’t even care about it at all.  I’m not going to say I’ve given up on the Cardinals, but they’re pretty low on my radar.
  • Seriously, if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet, finish reading this blog, go to your Netflix enabled device, and then watch it from the beginning, and start watching. Like binge watching. Seriously, as Shaun said, it’s the best show on TV. Seriously, I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but last weeks episode is the most shocked I’ve ever been at a TV show. Seriously.

So that’s what I’ve got for this week. Be sure to listen to tomorrow’s At the Buzzer show. You’ll learn the truth…I promise. The truth about what you ask? Well you’ll just have to wait and listen!

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