20,000 Hits Bonus Video!

Because you’ve all been so good and have been killing it on the site lately, here’s another video for the milestone we hit a couple days ago.

It took us almost a year to get to 10,000 hits. Then we had almost 5,000 in May alone. June’s on pace to crush that record as well — hell, last week we came just two hits short of beating the entire month of March. I’d like to think that’s because we’re sticking to our guns on consistent posting and because I spent a good deal of time redesigning the site, which looks pretty awesome now.

Anyway, here’s an inside look at me and Shaun in Colorado for that road trip I mentioned in my post on Monday. Dave was invited too, but he ran out of vacation time or some other first world problem. Note: Do not be alarmed by the cuteness of my new penguin.

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