David’s Finals-Palooza!

This is a short post today. Mostly because I was doing work for tomorrow.

Yes, I know you’re confused. David? Working? Well, it happened.

Today (er tomorrow) is going to start David’s Finals-palooza! (Yes, I did rip off the name from Chris and Shaun’s E3 Palooza…but at least it doesn’t have buzz in the title right?) For game 1, I have served up a diary of game one, which I spend more than enough time breaking down Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James. Why do we love one so much more than the other? Why can’t Dwyane Wade shoot? Why does Chris Bosh look like a Raptor? All these things and more will be answered in time. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed game 1 (The Thunder won), and you’ll have my refresher of game 1 to prepare you for game 2. Enjoy!

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