No Show This Week

We really tried to have an episode ready. We did.

Unfortunately, the cosmic forces decided that wasn’t going to happen. Shaun and I moved this past weekend, you see, and with it came a litany of problems (some of which we mentioned on air for last week’s show).  The new place is great, and we’ll probably post boring pictures of it somewhere down the road. However, because the apartments took 37 days to tell us whether or not we were approved, we don’t have any internet until June. Makes it tough to record an internet radio show, huh.

Hell, we even tried to record two episodes at once so we’d have an extra one ready. We brought Gary on as a special guest and talked for 20 minutes about the Avengers. But Skype lost that recording, so instead of being ahead a week, we’re behind. Yay technology.

In the meantime, the site will continue to have updates, as I’m sure you folks have noticed. We’re still doing better than ever despite all the hiccups, which is an encouraging sign. I’m hoping that the only week we miss is this one — I’m working on ideas to get next week’s show up even though we won’t be online until after that. Stay tuned.

One thought on “No Show This Week

  1. SAD IN KOREA. you know I live to hear your voices week to week. Now I have nothing to live for obviously.

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