Hello World

(TL;DR) Hello, I’ll be posting here sometimes. Enjoy. (/TL;DR)

In the world of programming, fledgling programmers first make a “Hello World” program which introduces them to the basic requirements of making a program. So Hello World, what follows is a basic introduction to what you’ll be seeing from me.

Now, with an opening paragraph like that you’d be tempted to think that what follows is going to ooze “nerdiness” — depending on your definition of the word. To most, the word would mean fascination and affinity for things science, science fiction, fantasy, video games or technology. My forte is actually the practical, and because of this I’ve become what I’ve coined the “man of a million hobbies.” I do like all those things. But I don’t like them to like them, I like them because of the things I accomplish with them.

I like programming because I can use it to reduce the time it takes to do a process at work from a couple hours manually to two minutes automatically (yet I struggled through classes because I didn’t see any usefulness in programs that would find a random Fibonacci number).

I like cooking because I can make great-tasting food without the crazy markup of some restaurants (I often make a list in my head of the three cheapest items on the menu and choose the one I hate the least). Because I like to eat great-tasting food, I choose to learn to cook it instead of plopping down $40 for two people.

I like video games because there are some extraordinary ones that train you to think of problem solutions in a different way. Surprise, surprise, another Legend of Zelda fan joins the site. There are also games that present incredible challenges that can be overcome with incredible teamwork, and definitely give you an accomplished feeling when the challenges are overcome. Surprise, surprise, another Tales series fan joins the site (I’m looking at you, Abyssion).

I like being a handyman because often situations come up that it would be great to know how to address myself. For example, if you choose to install a reverse osmosis system yourself regardless of your tentativeness on your lack of plumbing knowledge — the knowledge acquired while installing it might help you out when it inexplicably springs a leak a week later and you know how to repair it yourself, instead of hiring a plumber both times.

So look to my posts for a different take on how-to (in some cases, it might be more like how-not-to), a different angle on some product reviews (why do people focus more on what cars/computers/phones have compared to what they do?), or a snippet of modern science.  Look for me on Tuesdays!

P.S.  From what I understand, the readers love to see us golfing, so…

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