Welcome to the New At the Buzzer

Hello there. You’re looking handsome today. Is that a new shirt? I thought so.

You’re probably wondering what happened here. I know, the place looks a little different. Okay, a lot different. What’s that? Why is Mayor Mike Haggar piledriving a shark? The better question is why shouldn’t he? Sometimes sharks need to be put in their place.

Oh, right, the changes. Yes, I finished a massive overhaul of At the Buzzer’s website today. It took an inordinate amount of blood, sweat, tears, more tears, chocolate milk, still more tears, and manly brawn. I’m still not entirely sure how I found the time for this in the middle of preparing for a big move in five days. Cutting sleep out of my schedule seems to have helped.

I invite you to have a look around. The home page features the bulk of the changes, including that sweet new image carousel that will help us feature our biggest and best stories like never before. But there’s some new stuff hidden everywhere, like tons of pictures in the Blog Posts section, for example.

Because you’re as smart as you are handsome, you probably also noticed the new stuff in that black sidebar on the left-hand side of each page. That’s a sign of things to come — we’re doing a major expansion of content around these parts. If you thought daily posts were awesome, just wait until you see TWICE-daily posts. They’re the new hotness.

You also can see that we’re going to be bringing focused content in a variety of areas. Our stellar video game coverage has its own feed now. Gary’s movie reviews and Jason’s TV articles are part of the Entertainment umbrella. Dave’s got most of Sports handled. Shaun will probably post his insane ramblings in Facts of Life. You get the idea.

Finally, we’ll have a couple of new writers on the staff within the next few weeks. Longtime friend of the show Nick Fiala will be contributing to the Facts of Life and Science/Technology sections, mostly, while newsgirl Molly will be checking in from Korea with her experiences there. Also, the original trio of me, Dave and Shaun will be posting at least twice as much as before.

All of this is leading in to our podcast’s 50th episode next month, where there will be plenty of other surprises. Because you’re sexy, you probably already listen every week — after all, it is the main thing we do around these parts. If for some reason you haven’t listened yet, don’t worry, I don’t think you’re a horrible person. As long as you check out the episodes right now.

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