Ode to Lexi

Yesterday, I lost a good friend.

I’d been friends with her for 14 years, but really got to know her about 7 years ago. We went everywhere together. To Las Vegas, California, work, and to all the parties.

I’m talking, of course, about my car. My 1998 Lexus ES 300.  

Lexi’s life was ended suddenly, while driving on the freeway. Courtney was driving and all of the sudden the car just stopped accelerating. After coasting off the freeway, we waited an hour for the tow truck outside of a house with people who were clearly throwing a party. The tow truck took my friend to the repair shop…but I had no idea that it would be the last time that I ever drove her.

I never understood people who spoke emotionally about their cars before. A car is a car, and it gets you from point A to point B. I’ve driven other cars and they’ve never felt all that different. It was just another way to get around.

As I was cleaning out Lexi for the final time yesterday, I realized how much it meant to me. It was always there for me, and when I needed to go somewhere, I just got in and drove. Yeah there will be other cars, and there will be other connections made, but you never forget your first.

So…now I’ve got to find a new one. Let me tell you, that process sucks. Car salesmen are the pushiest, most unrelenting, and sometimes rudest people you’ll ever meet. How anyone can do that job is beyond me. But now I’ve got to deal with them, in order to find my new friend that will take me everywhere, and be my traveling companion.

In other…much better news. I have a huge announcement! But you’ll have to listen to the show tomorrow to hear what it is! Suffice it to say it’s good news…probably the best news. Without giving too many details, it involved champagne and the top of a mountain.

So, goodbye Lexi, I hope your parts are able to be used in other good people’s cars to help them out. I’ll be looking forward to my next car, and the next step in my life.

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