Number Five With a Bullet

I tried to come up with something fantastic this week. I did. But I’ve been sick since Thursday thanks to my body breaking down from stress, so I guess the creative spark was…lacking.

Instead, we’re going back to that quick-hit bullet gimmick that America loves! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  • First, some website news: You may have already noticed, but I changed the way that posts are sorted on the site. Instead of them all being written by “At the Buzzer,” the individual blogs can each be sorted by author now. So there’s a new sidebar on each page with a list of our most recent posts, and each author has their own tagline at the end where you can email us more easily. It also means we’ll be responding to comments more on the site (although we’ll still take them on in-depth during Buzz In on the show).
  • You know what’s contributing to that stress I mentioned? We turned in applications for a new place to live on April 12. Our move-in date is May 19. Here we are less than two weeks out, and we still haven’t heard one way or another whether our application has been accepted. That information would be handy for trivial things like reserving a moving van, packing up our belongings, recruiting family to help us out, and oh, yeah, KNOWING WE HAD A PLACE TO LIVE. Maybe that’s why it’s a little disheartening to hear that the new place is so behind on the process.
  • One of these days I’m going to go to a wedding as a regular person. In the meantime, all of my appearances are apparently going to be as a groomsman. It’s not that big of a difference when you really break it down, but it’s a strange trend. I think the last time I went to someone’s ceremony and wasn’t in the bridal party was when I was 8 or something.
  • At least one thing has been a positive lately: the weather in Flagstaff. April/May is kinda like my wheelhouse — my favorite conditions are what I call sweater-and-shorts weather, where the high settles in around 65-75 degrees and the low dips below 40 at night to keep things nice and cool. After some bizarro weather where we got snow out of nowhere, it’s a nice change. Now if we could just get some rain…
  • Finally, I try to keep sports to a minimum since other folks write about it on the site, but it seems like it always creeps into these bullet posts. So here we go: I don’t miss Amare Stoudemire. He played great for the Suns over the course of his contract, but his most recent incident (when he tried to KO a fire extinguisher and somehow lost the fight) is yet another example of why a guaranteed contract for a walking injury is a bad idea. Now I hear chatter from some Suns fans that we should trade for him in the offseason. Let me go ahead and say to those people: WHAT. I’m trying to wrap my head around this. Two years after we declined (correctly) to offer Amare a guaranteed max contract, having wasted two more years of Steve Nash’s career, having blown up a team that went to the Western Conference Finals and missed the playoffs ever since, the correct play is to trade away more assets to get Amare on a guaranteed max contract when his game has declined and he has more injuries than ever? Color me confused.

2 thoughts on “Number Five With a Bullet

    1. That’s fair. I might as well just buy a tux at this point. Apparently it’s going to be an ongoing thing.

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