Did everyone have a good holiday?

What? You mean you didn’t get the great holiday of Earth Day off of work? Well, good thing that Arbor Day is coming up, we’ll get to take some time to celebrate that right? Oh, you don’t know what day that actually is (I didn’t either, it’s the last Friday in April).

When I say the word holiday, usually people think of Christmas, or Thanksgiving. But there are all sorts of weird holidays out there that most people don’t observe, or even know exist. I think that I’m going to use this space to educate America about our lesser known holidays. Who knows? You might just find that new holiday to love and embrace.

January 7: Old Rock day – Don’t you think that the surface that we stand on doesn’t get enough credit? Well this day is exactly for you! Go out and find rocks, buy your girlfriend a rock, or just play with rocks. Really, just go and do whatever you want, as long as it’s rocky.

January 25: Opposite day – You remember this day as a kid right? Someone asks you for a piece of candy, you say yes, and then don’t give them the candy because it’s “opposite day.” Well now we know the official day. Remember this one, kids, if you try to tell me it’s opposite day on July 10th, I’m going to refer you to this blog.

February 28: Public Sleeping day – I meant to do some research on this day, but I fell asleep.

March 26: Make up your own holiday day – Seems too easy. I wanna call it “Give Dave a million dollars day,” and everyone has to follow it. Done and done.

May 4: Star Wars day – This one’s easy to know the origin, May the 4th sounds a lot like “May the force (4th) be with you.” It’s a day where nerds celebrate a movie that came out 35 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I like the movie, but there’s no way you’re getting me to dress up like a storm trooper. I am partial to the slave costume though…

June 3: Repeat day (Repeat day) – I defer to Calvin, the annoying human echo, for this one.

July 28: Chocolate Milk dayAhh it’s so damn hot. Milk was a bad choice.

September 19: Talk like a pirate day – Yaarrr mateys, you best be speakin’ the tongue of the high seas on this day. Good ol’ Dave Barry was the one who helped get this day off the ground, writing about it in 2002 to spread the good word. I constantly forget about it, so…Yarrr.

The last few months of the year seem to have all the legitimate holidays in them, so I can’t even find the weird ones sandwiched around Halloween and Veteran’s Day. I did always want to figure out where these days come from. It really seems like people make it up off the top of their head, and no one else seems to care. I can’t imagine that if I fall asleep at work on public sleeping day my boss isn’t going to fire me.

Still, if I ever come up with my own holiday, with meaning and some history behind it, I’ll be celebrating it every year. Who knows? Maybe we can turn February 16th into “At the Buzzer day” for all time.

3 thoughts on “Holidaze

  1. You dodged a bullet there Nick. I wasn’t able to find that slave costume…This year.

    Maybe I should just dress up as Calvin instead. How do I get my hair to do what his does??

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