Happy Urf Day Everyone!

As I’m sure many of you are aware, today is the ever so wonderful “holiday” of April Fools! So while I’d love to write a wonderfully long-winded blog about something serious or whatever, the fact of the matter is that someone will probably think it’s a joke. So I won’t be doing that today. Plus, all the guys are home today, which means we all get to play some Tales of Graces F and eat some burgers. So there is that too.

Instead, I’ll sum up some of my favorite video game related April Fools pranks that have popped up today…

First up! Blizzard Entertainment. Makers of World of Warcraft and Starcraft…

Blizzard announced today that they’d be launching a new line of educational games for kids based on their most popular IPs. Head on over to try out their new Zergling Teaches Typing game, and for a sneak peak at all the other wonderful titles that will be edumacating kidz near you sometime soon.

And of course, be sure to check out their new Mobile App Game, “Supply Depot 2.” A thrilling game about how mankind’s last hope lies in its supply depots. Or something. The SUPER difficult demo level was well worth a try though.

Next we have Riot Games, creators of the always fun League of Legends — LoL for short. They have embraced April 1st as a holiday all its own, Urf Day! A day in which they remember the graceful manatee Urf, who was killed tragically before his debut in the League of Legends. Riot is commemorating today with the release of a new skin for Fizz, the “Fisherman” skin.

They are also announcing today that League of Legends will soon be in 3D! Clearly the inclusion of a new dimension will do nothing but make the game even better. Clearly

And last but not least we have Bioware. Oh Bioware… I mean, on the one hand I’m not all that happy about the ending of ME3. But on the other, I really am loving the multiplayer and now you make fun fake videos of TV shows that’ll never exist. I think this is the definition of a love/hate relationship…

I’m sure there are more out there folks, but those were some of my favorites! I hope you all have a wonderful Urf Day!

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