Number Three With a Bullet

Look, I know. It’s a copout. But it’s been a rough week. I’ve been working extra because someone’s on a vacation. I spent last weekend (and three days in the week) in Phoenix for my grandpa’s open heart surgery (which had a variety of complications, but he’s doing better now). All of that activity has me sick now, staring at another long work week.

So you get bullets. And you will like it.

  • As much as I dislike hospitals, the one where my grandpa ended up was pretty solid. They did a good job of communicating what was happening each step of the way, as well as keeping up posted on the various unexpected things that kept popping up during the procedure and recovery from a major surgery.
  • One of the plus sides of being so busy, both when I was down there and when I came back up to Flagstaff, was that I didn’t have a ton of time to think about stuff. I spent more time playing peacekeeper for my family down in Phoenix and then working up here than I did worrying about what was going to happen. Didn’t make going to sleep much easier the first couple nights after the surgery, but it was at least something.
  • Watching the Suns beat the Lakers last night reminded me of how much fun it is to watch Kobe Bryant lose. He played more than 40 minutes on the opening end of a back-to-back even though his team was down 2 and never got the lead within single digits. He had 10 turnovers, more than even Jeremy Lin has managed lately. He complained to management after the game about Pau Gasol. I don’t know why Kobe still hates the Suns after all these years, but at least it’s hilarious to me.
  • Like a lot of people nowadays, we’re about to cancel our cable TV. It’s handy for watching Suns games, Wheel of Fortune and a few other things, but for the most part, we can watch everything we need to through Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or *cough*illegalpirating. Paying 60 bucks a month for cable when we can’t even control which channels we get (where’s my Game Show Network, NPG Cable?) just doesn’t make sense anymore, even if we’re splitting the cost four ways.
  • A quick follow-up to last week’s anniversary episode: We’re on track for our biggest month ever (by a pretty wide margin), which is exciting. We’ve been getting lots of new visitors to the website and listeners on iTunes, so thanks to you guys. Now, if you could just go fill out that Focus Group survey, you’d be our sexy new favorite people. Sexy.

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