Cereal Wars part 2

Last week the first 2 rounds of the quest to determine the best cereal of all time happened, and now today, we decide the best breakfast treat to start your day right! For a recap, click on this link, otherwise, let’s dive right in.

#1 Lucky Charms vs #4 Froot Loops – For this one, let’s do a little research.  Both of these cereals have been around since the early 60s, and both have undergone changes from their original formula. Lucky Charms has changed their marshmallows about 4 times over and Froot Loops have added colors and flavors over the years. So our judgment of which one wins will come down to today’s models. In my personal opinion, I think Froot Loops are better tasting, and don’t ever have that unsatisfying moment where you have nothing but the oats left in your cereal and it’s not as tasty (Like you do with Lucky Charms). However, due to some fan voting, (both on comments and on Facebook) Lucky Charms moves forward.

#6 Kix vs #10 Frosted Mini Wheats – Two underdogs, and two vastly underrated foods at that. Part of the appeal of these two is the fact that they know what they are and they don’t try to be anything else. Both are healthy, both don’t have the mascots to try to push their product to the young ones, and both deliver every single time. So how do you decide? Once again the fans have Spoken: “May the odds ever be in Kix favor” Says Sephirothmusttakethiscall on the comment boards. Although there is no backup to what he’s saying, I tend to agree.  Kix, somehow, has that great taste without all the sugar to it. You pour a bowl, and just enjoy.  With Frosted Mini Wheats you get largely the same experience. However, there’s a decent possibility that when eating Mini Wheats you’ll run into that one that doesn’t have any frosting on it.  There’s not much worse than eating just pure shredded wheat. I know I hate it, and that’s the deciding margin, as you’ll never hit that problem with Kix.




#1 Lucky Charms vs #6 Kix – For the first comment, we go to newsreader Molly: “Lucky Charms has a diverse team but they just don’t work together like the unified machine that is Kix. Solid taste wins over flash and pizazz. Go Kix, rah rah rah!” So for a basketball reference, this is like the Miami Heat vs the Mavericks last year.  We have the superstars (like Lucky, the mascot of Lucky Charms, or the big 3 on the heat) and then the dependable one (like Kix’s slogan of “Kid tested. Mother approved,” or like Dirk Nowitzki) Of course, we all know who won that one.  How well does it translate into this battle though? Lucky Charms has the issue where one can eat all of the marshmallows and have only the oats left, and that sucks.  But the biggest downside for Lucky Charms is that the inverse is true as well.  If you eat all of the oats, and end up with nothing but marshmallows, it feels like you’re about to be in some sort of diabetic coma.  Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing folks.  With Kix, all you have to do is pour the amount of cereal you want and eat, not pay attention to what part of the cereal you’re eating.  I don’t know how Kix tastes as good as it does, but it delivers every single time. Not to mention I never want to even have to think in the morning when I’m eating. I just want to plunge the spoon in and eat and enjoy.

So Kix is the best cereal that our species has to offer.  I think I feel a certain comfort in that, knowing that simplicity will win out in the end.  Remember though, this isn’t like Buzz Off, where we cast the loser into oblivion.  You can continue enjoying those Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisps, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Corn Puffs, or Trix all you want.  In fact…try mixing them sometime.  That’s pretty good too…as long as Kix is involved somewhere.

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