Obligatory News Post

At the Buzzer continues to bring it every weekday, with three blog posts, a comic and a new episode each week. But we’re always looking to expand our reach and bring in new listeners. As such we’ve reached an agreement with Stitcher SmartRadio to have the show available through their service.

What that means is that At the Buzzer is now available on iPhone and Android phones, the iPad, select Ford and GM vehicles that have satellite radio built in, and through the internet. Just search for the Stitcher app in any of those mediums, download it for free, and search for At the Buzzer. The newest episode will automatically be brought to you whenever you want to listen to it. Click the link in the sidebar on the right for more info.

All of the other listening options are still available, like subscribing on iTunes or streaming through TalkShoe. This is just a new, easy way to get content wherever you want it. So check it out and help us continue to grow our audience. We hope you’re still enjoying the show.

In other, quicker news:

  • ATB will be taking a week off for Christmas. That means no new posts from Dec. 26-30, including the episode. We figure it’s better to let you know now than have us thinking we’re slackers or something. Regular posting will resume in the new year.
  • We’ve made a few more little changes to the site, like cleaning up the episode run sheets a bit and adding some new bits to the show. Make sure you flip through pages to check them all out.

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