Taylor Swift and Besties

Dear Diary,

The existential quandary of all existential quandary, the likes of which I’m not convinced I’ve ever been faced with before. An earth shattering revelation have I unintentionally just now stumbled upon. If you had asked me who, if I had any choice in the world, I would want to be my best celebrity friend, I would have told you Steve Nash with nary a hesitation. But now, a new candidate has entered the fray.

Taylor Swift and I are destined to be best friends. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but my intentions are completely plutonic. I just think we’d have a really fun time together. It’s nothing original; I’m sure I share this desire with many an American teenage girl. But I can’t deny it. Continue reading “Taylor Swift and Besties”

At the Buzzer (12/22/11)

Episode 25: ATB Christmas Special — The guys run through holiday-themed headlines, marvel at the stupidity of mankind, and run through a slew of reader submissions in Buzz In. Also, Chris tells the story of the infamous Chicken Man, Dave pretends mail comes in bags with money signs on them, and Shaun decides to back down on his killing spree. Headlines Amazon offers holiday shopping incentive Bus driver ordered to remove holiday decorations Man in Frosty costume frightens neighborhood Secondary Segment — Buzz In Credits Music: “Holly Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives “Champion” by KJACK music beds “Main Theme (Valkyria … Continue reading At the Buzzer (12/22/11)

Losing at the buzzer

He dribbles up the court down by 1. Five seconds left, 4, 3, 2. He takes the shot! 1………..

A basketball game can’t end in any better way. The entire contest comes down to one final shot. I’ve been involved on the winning end of one of those in my basketball playing career, and it was a great feeling.

However, in the past week, I’ve seen 3 of those alone from Arizona State University. Continue reading “Losing at the buzzer”

Going the Distance 008: Fundamental Problem

We actually made this comic before someone complained about this to us. Some folks have a hard time suspending disbelief. In Going the Distance, our main character, “You,” has to manage to make his way to delicious cake. Sounds simple, right? But there are deadly spikes to deal with, and a host of other problems that appear each time. Let’s just say You fails more often than You succeeds. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a quest if You could just get cake whenever You wanted, would it? For more background on the comic or info on how to … Continue reading Going the Distance 008: Fundamental Problem

Number One With a Bullet

Ah, bullet points. You’re a writer’s best friend. Can’t come up with a coherent column? Use bullet points! Then you can put together a collection of thoughts with no joining thread whatsoever. All you need is a stream of consciousness and halfway decent ideas and you’re set.

Hell, Bill Simmons has made a career out of this. So I don’t think I can take too much flack for dipping into the well once — after all, I’m knee-deep in Skyrim now, and those who have played know what a time sink that can be. So without further ado, here’s a whole bunch of holiday-themed bullets in the last post before the big day… Continue reading “Number One With a Bullet”

Words To Live By: Death Philosophy

This week I’m starting a new installment in my weekly blogs called Words to Live By. This week, here are some of my life philosophies regarding death. I feel like falling to your death is not a bad way to go. If you can reconcile the fact that yes, you are going to die from this fall, and come to terms with it, you can actually sort of enjoy the moment. Some people pay upwards of 500 dollars for skydiving. You get to do it for free. With that said, I would not want to die in a plane crash. … Continue reading Words To Live By: Death Philosophy