The mind of Dave

With so many things flying through my head this week, I couldn’t focus on just one thing to write about. So you’ll get a rare focus into the mind of Dave. The pilot has turned on the fasten your seatbelts sign; we’re about to take off.

  • Does anyone want to see Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star? I have seen many a preview for that movie and there doesn’t seem to be any redeeming quality for it. A kid from the Midwest follows his dream to be a porn star, woo hoo. Adam Sandler is credited as one of the writers, meaning the film has a chance, but the 2.2 star rating (out of 10) on seems to signal that this will be a dud. I mean, the tagline for the movie is “Let’s get Bucked up.” Ouch.
  • ASU and the Cardinals both made me very angry this weekend with their penalties and missed opportunities. I could write a whole blog about this, but I’ll spare you.
  • I’ve been sick lately.  Not the sick where you have a runny nose, or just a cough.  My sickness has been the type where my lungs feel like an elephant has been sitting on them.  There might not be a worse feeling in the world than when you try to breathe in and get half a breath. To top that off, the medicine I got makes me shake like crazy.  I’ll get over it within a week, but man, this has been rough.
  • I’m not all negative.  It’s looking like I’m traveling to Las Vegas coming up this October. Is there any place that gets you more excited than the thought of Vegas? The pools, shows, casinos, great food, and just general fun are tantalizing to think about. I’m excited just about the thought of going. A blog post about the trip may come soon afterward, so stay tuned.
  • Speaking of Blake Griffin, how awful is it that two of his first three seasons may be totally lost? His rookie year was taken away due to knee surgery, season #2 was his breakout season, and then season #3 may be lost to the lockout. This is a tragedy people, I only wish me and the other 10 people who love the NBA could tear the rest of the country away from Monday Night Football.
  • I’ve got a great idea for a new reality show. I’ll get a person or a group of people to sing in front of judges, and the winner will become a big star with a record deal, or win a bunch of money … Wait, you’re telling me they’ve done that one before? About a dozen times? Well why not make it a baker’s dozen? We’ll call it Lucky 13!
  • My co-bloggers on this site have written a lot about video games that are coming out and what they’re looking forward to. I’m only looking forward to one, and that’s Mass Effect 3. If you haven’t had a chance to play the first two, I’d highly recommend it. The choices you make in the first game then carry over to the second game, and those carry on into the third game. This is one of the only games to ever do this, and I’m 100% sold on the awesomeness of it. I’ll have to wait until March 6 of next year, but it’ll be worth it, as long as they don’t push it back anymore.

The thought plane has now come to a stop, and you can unbuckle your seatbelts. We hope you have enjoyed your time with us, and we hope you’ll choose At The Buzzer for all your blogging needs. Buh bye now. Buh Bye. Buh bye.

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