Classic Simpsons

“The Simpsons” has been going strong for what feels like about 100 years. They’ve had their hits and misses, but as a whole, they’ve delivered the goods a vast majority of the time. For the few and far between clunkers they’ve had (notably: The clip shows, and when Sideshow Bob [as much as I love the character] hypnotizes Bart [and yes I’m aware that I used a bracket inside a parentheses, just wait until I have a point within a point within a point, your head might explode]), they’ve had classics.

There’s one episode that stands out above them all, and that’s Cape Feare.

This episode aired in season 5, right as the Simpsons were hitting their golden age.  Most people my age were small children when this episode aired all the way back in 1993. (The Simpsons have been on a long time.) The plot had been set up by episodes in the previous four seasons, setting up Sideshow Bob’s homicidal hatred of Bart. For a quick recap: Bart not only foiled Bob’s attempted takeover of “The Krusty the Klown Show” by uncovering Bob framing Krusty, but also dissected Bob’s attempt to murder Selma for her money (When did Selma get rich? Oh well, suspend your disbelief for fictional TV shows, right?). This leads to Sideshow Bob devoting his life to plotting and executing his revenge against Bart, with hilarious consequences.

There are a lot of great reasons to love this episode, but here are a few, in no particular order: Continue reading “Classic Simpsons”

At the Buzzer (08/28/11)

In this week’s episode, there are dangerous cats, whiny preteen wanna be stars, a Buzz Off between ridiculously tasty food off the grill, and a new segment called Buzzerbeater that isn’t really that new. Also, Chris creates the first kitten serial killer, Dave tells us if Molly survived the hurricane, and Shaun tries and fails to agree with everything. Headlines: Knowing spoilers doesn’t always ruin the story Man trips over cat and stabs himself Rebecca Black forced into home schooling Credits: Music: “Stockholm Syndrome” by Muse “Champion” by KJACK music beds “Main Theme (Valkyria Chronicles)” by Hitoshi Sakimoto “With Mila’s … Continue reading At the Buzzer (08/28/11)

ATB Updates

Hey gang. Wanted to put a little news up so that some of the behind-the-scenes stuff around got some play. First of all, as you’ve probably already noticed, the three of us started doing weekly blogs. Chris posts on Monday, Dave on Wednesday and Shaun on Friday, and each entry will appear at noon on those days. The blogs are pretty much about anything that we’re not going to have time to cover on the show, so sports, games, pop culture or stories about stupid people are fair game. Next, there’s a couple new pages on the website. “Blogs,” unsurprisingly, puts all of those new entries … Continue reading ATB Updates

Call of Doody

I hate Call of Duty. There, I said it.

Okay, it’s not that simple. We had to set up some background stuff first. I mean, I don’t just hate something for no reason — even the Hate Round on the podcast doesn’t support that. If you’re going to spend time hating something, you have to make it a calculated thing, not something spur of the moment.

First things first: I’m not a big fan of shooters, Call of Duty or not. They’re not real high on my favorites list. I’ve played a few over the years that I’ve actually liked, but the list is pretty short and each one has its own reasons. Continue reading “Call of Doody”

Shaun’s new RPG

Believe it or not, America, I am currently creating my own game. That’s right — after the prestige I gained from the At The Buzzer radio show, it was only natural that I would move into game development. My game is still in the early stages, and the production crew is made up of only me…and I don’t actually know how to program anything. But what I have so far is really promising.

In case you were wondering, it’s a role-playing game. To create my masterpiece, I have taken inspiration from countless RPGs and carefully studied their tried-and-true conventions. Without further ado, I present to you elements of “Tales of the Chronicles: The Final Myth of the Legendary Fable.” Continue reading “Shaun’s new RPG”

Adventures in PlayStationland

Full disclosure: I’ve always been a Sony fanboy customer.  It probably started back when I was young and the only brand of electronics in our home was Sony. We had a Sony 27” TV from the time I was 3 up until I was about 17. Sony was built to last, built for the long haul and would be there with you like a good friend. That’s why I never purchased an N64 or Xbox growing up, it was all about the Sony PlayStation.

Things just aren’t like they used to be, as I’ve had quite the adventure with my PS3.

I was the recipient of the original PlayStation in January 1997 for my 12th birthday, and it still works to this day. I bought the PlayStation 2 in February 2004, and it still works to this day. I purchased the PlayStation 3 in March 2008, with the full expectation that it would work until the PlayStation Cuatro, or whatever goofy name they come up with when the next generation of systems come out.

Boy was I ever wrong. Continue reading “Adventures in PlayStationland”

Games for a concerned gamer

I consider myself a pretty serious gamer. I might not be as prolific as I once was (hello, middle school years!), but I probably spend a good 10-15 hours a week playing games of some kind.

I consider myself a pretty serious gamer, yet I’ve bought exactly three new titles in 2011.

One of those was Marvel vs. Capcom 3, a must for a fighting game fan like myself. One was You Don’t Know Jack, which wasn’t even a full retail release (we reviewed that game in the first episode of At the Buzzer). And the last was Pokemon Black. Sure, I managed to milk a lot of time out of catching them all — and by catching them all, I mean catching about 20 that I like, ignoring the rest, and spending the rest of my time battling/breeding — but there was still a pretty noticeable lack of games that I cared about.

Looking ahead, though, there seem to be a ton of games I can get behind.

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